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«Administrative simplification should not be imported into democracy and constitutional rights! »

METERardi January 30, before the national representation, the premier minister, Gabriel Attal, pronounces these general political discourses and announces the dépôt d’un second joint green industry project «propose notamment to concentrate the work of the CNDP (National public debate commission) Uniquely on national projects. These six months of gagnés dans les procedures sur les autres projets ».

Dans le quiet malheureusement quasi général, we see a new attention to democracy and the rights of information and participation guaranteed by the Constitution.

The new victim of this reduction of the democratic space to a face and a name: the Commission nationale du débat public. This announcement can be made in a source in a relationship with the premiere minister Elisabeth Borne in December 2023, in addition to explicitly: «The CNDP decision constitutes a major fact of complexity and delay for the investor, without the State having an intervention measure to accelerate the consultation and debate procedures» (Charles Rodwell, « Pour an “attack” policy of attraction at the service of the independence and economic security of France »).

With conviction and professionalism

Toute honte bue, il est donc proposé de abolir la saisine obligatoire del CNDP pour les projets locaux relatifs à l’industrie verte ». However, the CNDP is not an administrative authority like another or a small committee of experts. Since then, its mission is to defend the constitutional rights of information and participation of the public in decisions with a strong environmental impact (previous to article 7 of the Charte de l’environnement).

Lire la tribune (2019): Article reserved for us subscribers CNDP: who sees “an institution was dismantled rétive à se faire instrumentaliser par le pouvoir”?

Ce sont des femmes et des hommes qui mènent avec conviction y professionalismo una mission indispensable: veiller à ce que les citayennes et les citayens impactedés par la réalisation d’un project sur le territoire où elles et ils vivirt puissent en avoir connaissance et en débattre. Environmental democracy is intertwined here with democracy of proximity and quality of public debate.

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The temptation of gagner quelques mois ne vaut pas le coût qu’elle engendre: the reduction of constitutional rights and the risk of an atteinte à l’environnement à l’abri des respect. Assuming that the réussite de la transition ecological ne soit qu’une affaire de nouvelles industries plus vertes, le gouvernement se trompe de chemin.

Biodiversity effort is preserved

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