Ficohsa and Fenafuth sign new sponsorship agreement for Honduran national football team

The Ficohsa Financial Group and the National Football Federation of Honduras (Fenafuth) have signed a new sponsorship agreement at the National Selection headquarters in Siguatepeque. Ficohsa will continue to be the main sponsor of the national football team, known as “La H”, and will have a presence at La H House, the representative venue for the national teams. The signing was attended by executives from both organizations, as well as special guests and journalists.

The Corporate Communications Vice President of Ficohsa, German Castañeda, highlighted the importance of football as an activity that promotes health and keeps children away from anything negative. He also mentioned that the national team has integrated into society by working in youth categories and in the women’s team.

For his part, the Secretary General of Fenafuth, José Ernesto Mejía, thanked Grupo Ficohsa for their trust and pointed out that a sponsorship like this makes the Federation and football work. Mejía also highlighted that the Federation has a policy of transparency and that its funds are audited by two very successful and prestigious private firms, which makes sponsors, FIFA, and Concacaf feel that there is good management.

The Vice President of Fenafuth, Juan Francisco Saybe, expressed satisfaction with the signing of the agreement and thanked Grupo Ficohsa for their trust. They also announced that the IV Congress for coaches and anyone passionate about football will be held, which will feature the participation of personalities from the Spanish Football Federation and will take place at the UNITEC facilities on July 25th.

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