Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been hospitalized for a medical evaluation.

(CNN) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “recently” arrived at Sheba Medical Center on Saturday, according to his office.

“He is in good condition and is undergoing a medical evaluation,” he said.

No details on the nature of his condition have been released, but Israel is in the midst of a heat wave.

Israel currently does not have an interim prime minister or deputy prime minister, which means that if Benjamin Netanyahu is incapacitated, the cabinet will have to meet to choose an interim prime minister.

There is currently no indication that Netanyahu is incapacitated.

Netanyahu, 73, is the leader of Israel’s right-wing Likud party and has been the dominant figure in Israeli politics for nearly three decades.

In June 2021, he lost office for the first time in 12 years after his rival Naftali Bennett won a parliamentary vote to form a government.

Eighteen months later, he was sworn in as prime minister again in a dramatic comeback, cobbling together a coalition.

During Yom Kippur in October 2022, Netanyahu fell ill while visiting a synagogue.

He was admitted to hospital where he spent the night before being released.

Amir Tal and Abeer Salman contributed to this report

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