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Messi is on vacation in Argentina ahead of his new MLS leg

(Spanish CNN) –– Lionel Messi took a few days off in Argentina to enjoy his family. The stop along the way is in Funes, a town located 16 kilometers from Rosario, in the province of Santa Fe. There the star has her home, surrounded by luxury and comfort at the pace of tranquility.

Messi arrived in his country on Saturday, having played in Beijing last Thursday in the match in which Argentina won 2-0 against Australia. In this friendly match, “La Pulga” scored the fastest goal of the 103 scored with the albiceleste after 79 seconds of play.

Messi also arrives in his native country six months after being crowned world champion in Qatar: “Half a year has passed since we built the most beautiful of all. Six months in which I couldn’t stop thinking about everything we went through, how much we fought it and how we still appreciate it today,” he said.

This jubilation, which continues for the captain of the Argentina team, comes at a time when a page is turning in his life. He left France after two seasons at Paris Saint Germain (PSG) with lime and sand experiences. He gave two Olympic rounds, but the bad weather in some areas of the French experience caused him to slam the door of the chapter on French soil.

“I learned that it is not only about winning and that the path traveled also leaves many life lessons”, he testified in the documentary “Alta en el cielo” that Adidas, sponsor of the Argentine team, achieved to mark the end of the semester. of the global feat

Present at the farewell of Maximiliano Rodríguez

On June 24, the day Messi turns 36, he will be at the Marcelo Bielsa stadium of the Newell Old Boys in Rosario, where his friend and former Argentina team-mate Maximiliano Rodriguez will play the farewell game of his professional life. .

There, he will dress in light blue and white for a party where friends, former teammates and current footballers of the Argentine team will meet. The stadium is expected to be packed with ‘leprous’ supporters, as supporters of Newell’s are called, the club where the soccer star first fell in love with the sport. Wearing this jersey, which he wore as a child in football, would be one of the special gems of the event that many believe will paralyze Rosario.

In the Bombonera for Juan Román Riquelme’s farewell party

Only 24 hours later, Messi will be in Buenos Aires. In the temple of football, the Bombonera, will be the star of the farewell to the idol of Boca Juniors, Juan Román Riquelme.

“Messi is going to be there. For me, that’s also a dream. He’s the greatest player of all time,” Riquelme said as proof of the frenzy Argentina feel for the Rosario star.

The mythical xeneize stadium will be a sounding board for the torrid romance that Argentines feel for one of the great icons in football history.

“The road traveled also leaves you with many life lessons,” says the star of Rosario, who took a turn at the helm by betting on Major League Soccer in the United States, MLS.

“Messi will appreciate MLS a lot, they will receive him very well and he will make Inter grow,” said Thiago Almada, ‘La Pulga’ teammate in the Argentine national team and Atlanta United player. .

Messi met Martino

The captain of the Albiceleste met on Monday Gerardo Martino, who was his coach at FC Barcelona during the 2013-2014 season and also in the Argentina team, with whom he reached two finals: the Copa América Chile 2015 and the Copa Centenario United States 2016. Further uniting them is the love they both feel for Newell’s; Will a postgraduate career as a player and coach in American football unite them?

The last week of June, Messi will continue to rest in Rosario. In July, the star will already be installed in Miami to be presented as the top star of Inter and MLS. Winner of 43 titles, 7 Ballon d’Ors and many other accolades, another football awaits with a team last in the Eastern Conference and in position 27 out of 29 teams in both conferences.

It will be one more challenge for this living legend who, in addition to superlative talent, has made resilience a banner.

Now, he said when confirming his commitment to MLS: “I want to experience the League of States in a different way and enjoy it much more day to day, but with the same responsibility of wanting to win and to always do things well, but with more peace of mind”.

A new end-of-career episode begins in Miami. He does so in a league still feeling the tsunami that meant the arrival of one of the best footballers in history. As his career progresses, Messi will look to keep falling in love with his magic, chasing titles and breaking records.