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Netanyahu discharged from hospital after having heart monitor implanted
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Netanyahu discharged from hospital after having heart monitor implanted

(CNN) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was released from Sheba Medical Center on Sunday morning, his office said.

Earlier this Sunday, the Israeli prime minister had a type of heart monitor called a Holter implanted “to allow the professional medical team close to the prime minister to continue regular monitoring,” said Amit Segev, director of the cardiology unit at Sheba Medical Center.

Segev said tests showed Netanayhu’s heart to be normal and no cardiac arrhythmias or irregular heartbeats were found.

Netanyahu was hospitalized on Saturday, according to Sheba Medical Center, Israel’s largest.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu has completed a series of tests and is in excellent condition,” said Segev, who is also president of the Israel Heart Association. “Our diagnosis, after all tests have been performed, including laboratory tests, is that the reason for hospitalization was dehydration.”

The tests included “full routine examinations performed in full awareness, including an electrical test of the heart, which came back completely normal,” he said.

On Saturday, Israel’s prime minister released a video statement suggesting he was dehydrated and advising people to drink more water.

“Yesterday I spent time with my wife on the Sea of ​​Galilee, in the sun, without a hat, without water. It’s not a good idea,” he said, “so I want everything first thank everyone for their care and also the great teams here at Sheba who have checked me out Thank God I feel great but I have just one request from you: we are going through a wave heat in the country, so I ask you to take less sun and drink more water and that we all have a good week”

The 30-second statement in Hebrew appears to have been filmed at Sheba Medical Center in the city of Ramat Gan, where he was taken on Saturday.