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Pedro Rocha will call elections to the RFEF on Wednesday | Soccer | Sports

Pedro Rocha has convened the managing committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) next Wednesday with the intention of dissolving it and calling presidential elections that exhaust the mandate of Luis Rubiales (2020-2024). The president who is elected in these elections must call a new electoral process for the 2024-2028 Olympic cycle. These second elections would be held in the months following the Paris Games after having previously elected a new assembly.

Rocha had planned to dissolve the managing commission, which he himself chairs, on March 20, but the arrest of several leaders and the search of the federative headquarters of the City of Football within the framework of Operation Brody forced the electoral process to be paralyzed. . . Eleven days later, Rocha has seen fit to resume it and, once he calls elections, he will resign and present his candidacy. His intention is to preside over next Saturday’s Copa del Rey final between Athletic and Mallorca, so he would resign at the beginning of next week.

Rocha has decided to take the step despite the obstacles that may be encountered in the coming days. In addition to a hypothetical intervention by FIFA, Rocha is convinced that this will not happen; on Thursday, the Sports Administrative Court (TAD) will meet to decide whether to open a file. Last Wednesday, the Higher Sports Council (CSD) submitted to the sports court, following a complaint from Miguel Galán, a reasoned petition for very serious misconduct for not calling before the elections and for having exceeded his duties as president of the manager If the TAD initiates the file, the CSD board of directors may provisionally suspend it until there is a final resolution. This would not prevent Rocha from running and being elected, but he would be able to hold the presidency until the TAD is resolved.

This will not be the only obstacle that Rocha will face. Miguel Galán is also determined to challenge the call for elections if they do not contemplate the reinstatement of the 39 assembly members who have lost their status as such. The federation relies on a report from the TAD of March 7 in which it is emphasized that the managing commission “was born and exists according to the statutes with a single vocation: that of calling elections to exclusively fill the position of president.” Galán, however, appeals to the TAD’s own doctrine, which in the 2018 elections issued a favorable resolution by which the members of the assembly who had lost that status were restored.

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