Why was Ukraine’s counter-offensive slow?

They accuse Harvard of favoring certain white students. The draw for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores 2023 arrives. The posthumous chronicle of Carlos Alberto Montaner. Adele’s warning for those who throw things at concerts. Here’s what you need to know to start the day. truth first.

1. Why was Ukraine’s counter-offensive slow?

Ukraine’s Western allies are concerned that the progress of the long-awaited counter-offensive is measured in meters rather than kilometers. The slower-than-expected pace means his support could become increasingly untenable., if the conflict continues.

2. They accuse Harvard of privileging certain white students

Three minority advocacy groups have sued Harvard University’s leadership, accusing it of discrimination for giving preferential treatment to the children of wealthy donors and alumni, citing the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that says whichEU removed the affirmative action to bolster its claim.

They accuse Harvard of preferential treatment in admitting children of alumni 6:17

3. New details about Philadelphia shooting suspect revealed

A gunman wearing a body armor and ski mask opened fire at random on vehicles and pedestrians on the night of July 3 in Southwest Philadelphia, killing at least five people and injuring two. authorities said.

4. Tension in Guatemala due to election results

Representatives of five boards of directors and council of mayors in Guatemala gathered to alert mobilizations in the country if the results of the legislative elections of June 25 are not made official. At the same time, a few hours later, the first vote review hearings took place, which ordered the Constitutional Court.

Guatemala: Election review hearings begin 3:33

5. Ubinas volcano emergency in Peru

The Ubinas volcano, located in southern Peru, recorded a strong explosion on Tuesday which reached 5 km in height. The ashes were dispersed by the winds towards the southern and southeastern sectors of the volcano, reported the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP). The President of the Council of Ministers, Alberto Otárola indicated that an emergency will be declared in Moquegua, the affected area, in the coming days.

Peru raises Ubinas volcano alert to orange 1:00

at coffee time

The last battle for the independence of the United States took place… in Asia?

Researchers claim that two key players in the War of Independence, Britain and France, fought the final battle of the Conflict at Cuddalore, India, in June 1783.

Ingenuity helicopter communicates with Earth after 63 days of silence

The small helicopter took off into the Martian skies on April 26 for its 52nd flight, but lost contact with mission controllers before landing. land, creating a month-long communications blackout.

Ingenuity establishes contact from Mars after 63 days of silence 0:53

2023 Copa Libertadores round of 16 draw: teams, schedule and how to follow live

To define the round of 16, a draw will take place today in the city of Luque, Paraguay, headquarters of the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol). That’s what you need to know.

The Copa Libertadores 2023 is already being played in FIFA 23 0:38

Adele’s warning to those who throw objects at concerts

“I dare you, I dare you to dare to throw something at me,” Adele told her audience. at a show in Las Vegas.

Adele jokes that she dares her audience to throw an object at her on stage 0:38

Two young men started a long bicycle trip. It didn’t go as planned

Shortly after graduating from high school in 2021, Adam Swanson of Minnesota and who was then 17 years old—, embarked on a two-year round-the-world bike tour with a friend, but after a few months, he had to walk the path alone.

The number of the day

$3.5 million

Brazilian authorities announced on Monday that soccer star Neymar Jr. had been fined 16 million reais (about $3.5 million) for violating the environmental standards when building his coastal mansion in southeastern Brazil.

Brazil fines Neymar Jr. for environmental damage 0:40

quote of the day

“When you read this article I will be dead”

Carlos Alberto Montaner, who was a CNN contributor and died on June 29, he left a posthumous text written with the help of his relatives.

The best reflections of Carlos Alberto Montaner 3:32

And to finish…

Shark scares swimmers off Florida beach

A shark has been spotted near the shore of a crowded Florida beach. Look what happened.

Shark scares swimmers off Florida beach 0:51

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