Will Lionel Messi return to Barcelona? This was said by his father after meeting the club president

(Spanish CNN) — The bomb exploded in Barcelona: Lionel Messi seems determined to return to the Catalan club after his stay in Paris, and this Monday his father and representative, Jorge Messi, held a meeting with the president of the Blaugrana entity, Joan Laporta , home of the last batch.

As rumors grow that Saudi Arabia could be the Argentine star’s destination (some rumors even indicated that the signing of the contract could take place this Tuesday) everyone was surprised by the summit between Messi Sr. and Laporta on Monday , though few knew until now if there was any sort of deal.

Even Jorge Messi himself didn’t give too many details about the match, although he did clarify what the World Cup winner’s desire was in Qatar. “He would love to come back, of course,” Messi briefly told Spanish reporters who approached him after the game.

In short, the footballer’s father clarified that the intention of the player and the family is to return to Barcelona, ​​where they have been living since joining the club when Lionel was just a teenager.

“He would love to come back,” insisted who is also the Argentinian’s representative.

Jorge Messi also wouldn’t confirm if the Spanish League finally approved the financial viability plan so Barcelona could land his son. “We spoke the other day (with Laporta), but nothing concrete. There is nothing yet,” he said.

Messi, among several possible options but still without a clear destination

Barcelona’s interest in Messi’s return had been clear for some time as his departure from PSG grew ever more imminent amid a fractured relationship with some of the Paris fans.

In a recent interview, coach Xavi – who just led Barca to their first La Liga title in four years – assured that Messi would be a big help in raising the level of football in the team.

“For me there is no doubt that if Messi comes back he will help us football-wise,” Xavi told Barcelona-based newspaper SPORT. “That’s how I told the president (Joan Laporta). I have no doubts, no doubts, that he will help us because he is still a decisive footballer, because he is still hungry, because he’s a winner, because he’s a leader and because, on top of that, he’s a different, different player,” added Xavi, who told SPORT he still talks to Messi.

“We don’t have a Barca at the level of talent like the one in 2010, for example. And what would Messi bring? He would bring talent. Final pass, set pieces, goals… in the last third party, he is a player of another level”.

Por otro lado, además de España, está a possible llegada a Saudi Arabia, qu’ha convertido para algunas de las grande estrellas del fútbol mundial, entre ellas Cristiano Ronaldo y Karim Benzema, quien está próximo a llegar tras su salida del Real Madrid.

Messi, who already has a good relationship with the country (he has starred in several tourist campaigns), could undoubtedly be offered an incredible economic package.

Citing an unnamed source, AFP reported earlier this year that Messi playing in Saudi Arabia next season was a ‘concluded fact’.

However, Messi’s side have told CNN Sport that such claims are false and the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner won’t make a decision on his future until the end of the Ligue 1 season.

Neymar says goodbye to Messi again 0:30

The superstar players have also left for MLS from the United States, with some reports linking Messi with a possible move to David Beckham’s Inter Miami.

Beckham is a well-known admirer of Messi and in 2019 joked: ‘You never know what can happen in football’ when asked about the possibility of signing the Argentine one day.

More serious ties have since emerged, with Britain’s The Times newspaper reporting in 2022 that a deal between the two sides was close.

With reporting by CNN’s Ben Church.

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